Advanced Topics in Wildlife Management Series

A series of six meetings in Roberts and Hemphill counties will help producers analyze and evaluate the "big picture" of wildlife before making any management decisions.

The meetings will be held in the Miami Community Center or the Hemphill County Exhibition Center, as well as in the field observing and analyzing important land management decisions.

The meetings, all beginning at 9 a.m., will be at the following location and cover the following topics:

  • May 26, Miami center, program introduction, ecological concepts, ecological regions and ecosystem management.
  • June 30, Hemphill center, weather and climate, identifying and managing important Panhandle plants.
  • July 28, Miami center, rangeland ecology and management.
  • Aug. 25, Hemphill center, wetland ecology and management.
  • Sept. 29, Miami center, analyzing the effects of management decisions.
  • Oct. 20, Hemphill center, analyzing trends in wildlife populations (deer, pronghorn, turkey and quail).

Pre-registration for this event is required, and seating will be limited to the first 30 who register. The registration fee is $75 per person. Ranches sending more than one representative will receive a $25 discount per individual.