Father pleads guilty to injury, endangerment in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) _ The father of most of the seven youngsters removed from a filthy Lubbock home pleaded guilty today to child injury and endangerment charges. Anthony Moya was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Moya attorney Cynthia Mendoza says her client's decision to accept the state's offer was based on the outcome of his wife's trial. She says Moya's decision is a fair resolution to his case. A jury earlier this month sentenced Moya's common-law wife, Gloria Ramirez, to 10 years in prison.  Police went to the couple's home in 2007 after Moya called a funeral home about a casket for a stillborn infant.

The fetus was in a baby wipe box in a refrigerator. Moya and Ramirez had six children together. They had twins in 2008. Ramirez gave birth to her oldest child before meeting Moya. Ramirez is pregnant with her 10th child. Five of the seven children removed from the home are in permanent state custody. The oldest girl is with her biological father. A family is in the process of adopting the youngest child. The twins are in temporary custody.