Friends and Family Remember Fallen Major Matthew Houseal

Air Force Col. Anne Houseal
Air Force Col. Anne Houseal

After a week long journey that brought his body from Baghdad to Canyon, today military serviceman and local doctor Matthew Houseal was remembered at what's being called a beautiful service.

It was eight days ago when Maj. Houseal was killed by a fellow U.S. soldier.

But the family says what matters is reaching peace from his passing.

Early Tuesday morning the flag line was set up outside St. Ann's Catholic Church in Canyon.

Many of the Patriot Guard riders coming from as far away as Albuquerque.

But inside it was time for a family to begin it's healing process.

"The mass I think helped the family be more at peace," said Air Force Col. Anne Houseal, Matt's sister.

The procession cruised 18 miles to Llano cemetery.

And that's when this quiet, humble man who dedicated his life to helping others with mental health issues was honored.

His sister says she saw everyone along the route stop and pay their respects to Maj. Houseal.

"What was even more unbelievable to me was to see the great deal of respect Texans and this community showed the funeral procession," said Col. Houseal. "Great deal of dignity and respect was shown to the family. befitting of matt though he wouldn't have wanted any of this."

Houseal's wife, seven children, and parents were given American flags and military medals. Col. Houseal hopes her brother will inspire others.

"I think his service to the soldiers and how he led his life was a great role model and this country needs great role models.