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Sterquell Death Ruled Suicide

Today, Randall County Justice of the Peace-Precinct 4 Clay Houdashell ruled the death of Steve Sterquell a suicide. He says investigations from the Randall County Sheriff's Department and Department of Public Safety say the cause of death from his accident was Blunt Force Trauma to his torso.

On April 1st, Sterquell collided with a concrete barrier on Interstate 27 north of Canyon. Investigators estimate his speed at between 80-85 miles an hour. Witnesses say the vehicle appeared to be on fire before the impact. Forensic reports say a measurable amount of accelerant was found on the interior of his vehicle.

NewsChannel 10 has learned that several different agencies have been investigating his death since the accident.  As that investigation goes on, people Steve Sterquell allegedly owned money to filed motions in Potter County to not allow his son to execute his will.

According to court documents, just weeks before his death, Steve Sterquell transferred $24 million dollars in insurance owned by his company, the American Housing Foundation, to trusts controlled by Sterquell's family.  At the same time, several creditors, including Herring Bank and Attebury Family Partnership say they were owed $26 million dollars by Sterquell's company. They say his son was part of that fraud.

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