Old Maternity Leave Doesn't Count

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Supreme Court isn't letting four women sue their former employer, AT&T, for higher pension payments. The woman had taken maternity leave between 1968 and 1976. And they want their leave time to be credited toward their pensions. It came prior to a 1979 law that said companies can't treat pregnancy leave differently from other disability leaves. And the law wasn't made retroactive. In a 7-2 ruling, the court overturned a lower court decision that said maternity leaves from decades ago should count in determining pensions. The head of the National Partnership for Women and Families says the decision ``forces women to pay a high price today because their employers discriminated yesterday.'' But AT&T said the pension plan was legal when the women took their pregnancy leave, so they shouldn't have to recalculate their retirement benefits now. And a majority of the justices agreed.