Legislators Work Late to Finish Legislative Session

Major issues like the budget, what to do with the Department of Transportation, and reforming State Schools are just a few of the major issues still facing the Texas Legislature.

The load was lightened last week when four thousand bills expired.

But with only two weeks left, there is a mad dash to the finish.

"It's hectic in the last two weeks, a lot of bills flying through," said Representative John Smithee (R-Amarillo).

"There's always a mad dash at the end. We have 140 days and there were seven thousand bills filed. Some of which are good bills and should become law," said State Senator Kel Seliger(R-Amarillo).

And there is one major issue that is taking it's time getting through the capital.

"The budget is by far the most important and it's the only thing that has to pass," said Dr. David Rausch, a Political Science Professor at West Texas A&M.

This is especially important to the region because one local representative is trying to get some last minute money for area schools.

"Priority is the budget, we're trying to get some things in the budget bill to help WT and make sure the community colleges are taken care of," said Representative David Swinford (R-Amarillo).

The budget and other vital issues like voter identification could potentially push the legislature into a special session.

But as of now all lawmakers say that will not be necessary.

And while they are trying to avoid a special session some did tell me they will work up until midnight on June 2nd.