Severe Weather Damage

Crews in Gray County are still cleaning up after high winds and enormous hail swiped the east side of Pampa and much of Gray County on Friday.

Xcel officials say more than 15-hundred Pampa residents are still without power.

And upwards of 35-hundred are in the dark in lefors as well.

Damage was minimal inside Pampa but just east of the city limits several homes were not as lucky.

The nearly half a week old roof was ripped off the Clendennen residence.

Three generations of family members were huddled in one room

"We saw the porch come over and i heard all that and the hail were softball six. They were the biggest things i've ever seen and they sounded like a cannon," Judy Clendennen said.

Two women over over the age of 86, a 66 year old bed ridden man and two children were inside with Judy.

She says she never feared for any of their lives. "And you know know exactly why god was in control of us. Because that was the safe place to be. It was dripping water all in the house."

As the sun set on the restoration efforts. The family, like many others around gray county will continue to rebuild on Saturday.