Highway Work Zones Need Your Help To Stay Safe

High speeds, distracted drivers, and exposed workers creates the perfect cocktail for a deadly environment.

Just a few years ago there were 20 thousand work zone accidents in Texas.

Proving this could be one of the most dangerous jobs in the region.

A crew working near groom call it their office. Just, it's in the middle of the road.

"Some folks say you're crazy standing just inches from trucks running 70 miles per hour through your work zone," said Robert Hollingsworth, a TxDOT Supervisor.

In 2007, 147 people were killed in Texas work zone accidents, five of them in the Panhandle.

Most of whom were drivers not workers.

"We're our here trying to fix the roads for their safety and it's for our safety that we set up all the road work signs," said Hollingsworth.

"They travel very fast and don't pay attention to what's going on," said Karen Fields, a TxDOT Maintenance Inspector.

To see how fast and out of control we asked the Amarillo Police to show us in a work zone near 24th street.

"56 and putting on make up," said Officer Chaz Williams, while he was checking speeds with a radar gun.

The fastest we saw in just a 10 minute span was over 60 miles per our, the temporary posted speed limit is 50.

But Officer Williams says he has recently written tickets for between 70 and 80 miles per hour.

Causing concern for these workers as they try and make it home every day.

"Sometimes it's a big relief and sometimes you're pretty tired, but you're always glad to go back home," said Hollingsworth.

Just to give you an idea of how seriously TxDOT takes their safety.

When we arrived today, the road crew executed their evacuation plan, hiding behind bigger trucks, while Robert Hollingsworht ran toward us waving his arms and asking us to stop.

Because they though we were another renegade driver, that they've seen so many time.