Facebook Users Beware

Ray Wilson, cat-man-du
Ray Wilson, cat-man-du

It starts with a message from a friend, and ends with your credit card numbers being stolen... A new virus is hitting the social networking site Facebook.

Here's how the virus works... You get a Facebook message from a friend with a link to what appears to be a youTube video. Clicking on that link will infect your computer, and a message pops up saying your computer is not protected from viruses, prompting you to purchase virus protection software. But, the software is not a real product.

cat-man-du's Ray Wilson says, "they're gonna get your credit card. They're gonna get your funds, whatever they're charging you for this fake anti-virus product, the program is gonna be on your computer and they're gonna have your credit card information, so it's kind of a big deal."

For years now we've been told to be wary of emails from people we don't know... But this virus is different because it comes in the form of a message from someone we do know.

Wilson says, "once we're sitting there and we're in our social networking zone and we're talking to our friends and we're installing the apps and we're doing all the things back and forth, our guard gets let down, and that's exactly what these hackers and that's what these bad guys are betting on."

Unfortunately, if your computer is infected, there's not much you can do about it except for to call a computer technician and call your bank to cancel your credit card.

So far, this Facebook virus is only affecting Windows users... Not Macs or smart-phones, like iPhones or Blackberrys.