Solar Energy Future

There may be more of a solar presence in other parts of Texas.

But here in the panhandle there is the stirring of something green.

Tanya and Lee Martinez own Daniel's Fine Jewelry on sixth street.

Tanya wanted to live a greener lifestyle but discovered that getting solar, wind or other materials were difficult. So she built a web site, isis green energy dot com.

"I created the web site because I have a hard time finding products in Amarillo, and other than your light bulbs and small things. And I created a web site that offers everything from a light bulb to a wind turbine."

You can buy many items on the site and get an audit to determine how much energy your house is using.

"They will go through your home with you and decide what exactly you need,"she said.

These so-called green items might be difficult to find now, but research is ongoing to find ways to incorporate alternative energies into our lives.

At the conservation and production research laboratory in Bushland, they've been working on solar water pumping systems for some time.

And with tax incentives, and both federal and state legislation, the way seems paved for a greater integration of alternative energies.