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Accused Child Killer Calls DA; Wants Charges Dismissed

A suspected child killer wants his name cleared before he returns to the scene of the crime.  But the Curry County District Attorney says "no way."

Noe Torres has narcotics charges out of Quay County he wants dismissed.  But that is only the beginning.

In a phone call to Curry County DA Matthew Chandler, Noe Torres reportedly said he wants his murder charges dismissed as well.  Chandler says that is not going to happen because "we're not going to dismiss any charge, much less a murder charge. We're not going to negotiate with a child killer."

On the run since the 2005 murder of a ten year old boy, Chandler says torres also tries to justify fleeing Clovis when the killing took place.

Chandler says, "trying to wrap up loose ends from a job all the way to avoiding prosecution because he doesn't want to go to prison like the other defendants in this case."

The case stems from 2005, when, as he slept in his bed, ten year old Carlos Perez was shot dead through his bedroom window.

Police think his brother was the target.

Torres says he had nothing to do with it but Chandler says "his alibis continue to grow and we're simply not in the position to where we're going to listen to him unless we sit down with him face to face."

This is not the first time Torres has called Clovis.

Chandler says in February, he had a long conversation with the local paper.

Chandler says the agencies looking for Torres extend way beyond Clovis city limits.

He says they are working with authorities on the international level to bring him back to new mexico to face justice.

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