DTV Transition Only One Month Away

If you watch us over the air with a standard antenna on the analog channel, you have 30-days to make the switch to digital.

The talk of making the digital conversion has been going on in Washington D.C. for about a dozen years.

And it's finally a month away, again.

In January Neilsen Media Research said 5.7 percent of American homes were not ready for the conversion.

But over the past four months, experts say that number has shrunk to below three percent.

Still, local broadcasting experts say it may take until the deadline, for thousands of people to be forced to switch.

"I don't think they realize they're not going to have TV if they don't make the changes they need to make those people. I don't think we're going to make much ground on those people," said Dr. Leigh Browning, the WTAMU Director of Broadcasting.

Some people have compared this switch to April 15th when taxes are due. And there will always be a small portion of the population that will be tardy.

If you've been tardy check out this link:

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