Advisory Board willing to hear cancer victims

Former Pantex employees who developed cancer can state their case to a Federal Health Board.

The Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health is in Amarillo Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss topics related to energy employees occupational illness.  Although not officlally discussing Pantex, the Board will hear from the public from 7pm to 8pm Tuesday and 4pm to 5pm Wednesday at the Holiday Inn, 1911 E. I-40.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has previously recommended that there is sufficient evidence at Pantex for a "dose reconstruction".  It's a method to estimate how much radiation an energy employee was exposed to while working there.

The Metal Trades Department, the Union at Pantex wants NIOSH to create a "special exposure cohort" because they don't believe "the standard procedures...serve the purpose of providing an adequate remedy for former nuclear workers who have become sick or have died as a result of their exposure to radiation."

The special exposure cohort is a group of employees who have any of the 22 specified cancers related to radiation exposure.

Energy employees who have such cancers can receive $150,000 lump sum compensation payment and medical coverage for covered conditions.

To contact the NIOSH Office of Compensation Analysis and Support, call (877)222-7570, or by email at, or at the website at