Pantex Plans to Build a Wind Farm

The region's first taxpayer funded wind farm is coming.

Pantex found out they will be receiving $28 million to power the Carson County plant.

This is actually going to be the first of what organizers hope is a three phase project.

Phase one would build about eight turbines across the street from the plant.

With as much wind as the area has, officials say this first phase could pay for itself in 15 years if not sooner.

"Pantex will use the power from the phase one and run it straight into our facility. Phase two power will be sent to the power grid," said Johnnie Guelker

Right now Pantex pays about five million dollars a year for energy. By building the first phase that should be cut in half.

The second and third phases are planned to not only help the government turn a profit.

But with up to 150 megawatts, the entire Department of Energy would reach President Obama's plan for all agencies to be run 20 percent from renewable energy.

That's not the only good news, the project has teamed up with Texas Tech to conduct research experiments.

Since this is the regions first publicly funded wind farm, managers will be able to shut down production for the sake of Texas Tech's research. Something that can't be done at a commercial wind farm.