Bushland/Highland Park Bonds

Three independent school districts will be waiting in anticipation for tomorrow night's election returns.

The Memphis Independent School wants to address overcrowding and is asking for 10-million dollars.

If they get that they can get existing debt allotment money from the state.

And if they get that then taxes would increase about 47 cents a year per 100-dollars of taxable property.

At highland park and Bushland, the situations are similar.

Janet Hindman, who oversees the curriculum at Highland Park says the school wants 8-million dollars for the renovation and construction of school buildings. They also want money for buses and to build a road.

"Our school buses have to exit on farm to market road 1912 or Highway 60 and we think it's a safety issue."

At some community meetings there have been questions about the maintenance of the road.

"It's not open to through traffic. We'd be using it twice a day and we have the equipment here on our campus, a pickup and a blade. We'd be able to maintain that road.

Bushland's situation is somewhat different because voters have previously voted down two bond elections.

This year they've lowered the bond to 9-point-one million.

They're hoping to widen roads and create more room for students.

Both Highland Park and Bushland ISD's are also seeing more children.