Karl Rove Speaks at WTAMU Graduation Event

The architect of two successful presidential campaigns is in the Panhandle region speaking to tomorrow's college graduates.

One West Texas A&M student told us Karl Rove's coming to Canyon generated a lot of buzz all around campus...and off campus as well.

Armed with his trademark wit and sharp humor, Karl Rove handed WT grads some advice not just to use straight out of college, but throughout life.

He says, "listen to your mother. If you don't, you'll have to anyway. And pretend like you're taking your old man's advice. He knows you won't, you know you won't, but he'd like you to pretend that you would."

All joking aside, Rove then told the crowd what an achievement graduating college is and that those with college degrees usually earn 40% more than those without.

As students prepared to listen intently inside, protestors outside tried to get their message out.

Panhandle Area Democrats say Karl rove is no role model for young adults.

Jim Otto, Chairman of the Randall County chapter of the Texas Democratic Party says "he was very instrumental in the outing of a CIA agent, a covert CIA agent for political purposes; he had several US attorneys fired for political purposes."

Still, students, for the most part, remained un-fazed.

Grad student Wes Condray says he is proud of his school for retaining such a national figure, saying "it's cool that this small college in the middle of nowhere Texas can bring on such names like Maya Angelou and Karl Rove and Elie Wiesel."

WT Vice President James Hallmark told us they had originally scheduled former President George Bush before his wife, Barbara, fell ill.

This is the first year WT has had an event with a speaker the night before graduation.