Parmer Co. Wind Project Would Revolutionize Power Supply in the U.S.

It's one of the most ambitious goals in the wind power industry.

A plan to build a massive wind farm and unite three National power grinds starts this evening.

It's a vision that comes from Europe and could change the way power in the U.S. is supplied.

And basically, the principal theory is... If you build it, they will come.

But their are a few hurdles in their way.

"You've got all the factors you're looking for here except the grid," said Harald Dirdal.

Over three hundred wind turbines would supply power to the U.S. not just Texas.

Because of this European vision.

"Their approach is a little bit different. Their approach is to bring the grid to us," said Jim Swafford, a Bovina resident and head of Premium Wind Coalition.

"Our strategy is to build it so big that you attract the grid," said Dirdal.

They want to make enough wind power for three million homes.

And allow other companies to build around the area.

Because the Panhandle is at the cross hairs of three major power grids in the U.S.

"This location is perfect. You've got the grid in the West. SPP to the north. And ERCOT to the south," said Dirdal.

The plan is just getting started, and it will be several years before construction starts.

But this group still says if they build it, the grid will come.

"As Harald says. The worst thing that can happen is it gets done," said Swafford.

For more information on this project contact Premium Wind Coalition at (806) 251-1015.