Some Texas Lawmakers Okay Choose Life License Plates

Some Texas lawmakers give a controversial license plate the green light. State representatives tentatively voted yes to the Choose Life license plates, aimed at supporting adoption and anti-abortion groups.

If approved by the senate, the license plates will give money to local agencies like CareNet in Amarillo, but they say that's not the reason they're supporting the new plates.

Executive Director Candy Gibbs says, "I think the biggest thing we stand to gain is just people have the opportunity to say this is the way that I'm going to support life. I'd like to have it visible on my license plate and I think that's huge."

Opponents of the bill disagree with the state's decision to take sides on a moral issue. Christina Paullus with Texas Panhandle Family Planning says, "it's a religious issue. I truly believe it's a violation of church and state and the separation of that."

Governor Perry is backing these license plates, which need a second positive house vote and a senate vote to become a reality.

If that happens, Texas will become the 20th state to have Choose Life license plates.