Texas issues warrants for deadbeat parents

HOUSTON (AP) - Texas has issued arrest warrants for the state's 2009 top 10 deadbeat parents, who owe more than $521,000 in back payments and interest.

Attorney General Greg Abbott released the top 10 list yesterday and sought the public's help in bringing them to justice. The parents have missed court-mandated child support payments for at least six months. 2 of the parents are thought to have left the state, but the rest are believed still to be in Texas, some in the greater Houston area.

The Houston Chronicle reports 49-year-old Jimmie McCullough tops the list. He owes $133,866 for support of his two children in Fayetteville. He sometimes uses the alias of "Randy McCullough," and was last known to be in Texarkana.

A spokeswoman for the attorney general's child support division, Janece Rolfe, says all of the parents are hiding, purposely eluding. In the last fiscal year, ending in August, $2.6 billion in child support payments were recovered.