Pet Deaths Could be Linked to Flea & Tick Meds

They're meant to get rid of fleas and ticks on your family pets... But tonight, questions are being raised about their safety.

The Environmental Protection Agency just released their latest report.

We're talking about meds that are on-spot flea and tick treatment we bought at the grocery store. Pet owners might be shocked to hear this... We compared labels and found some of the same ingredients in on-spot medicine, and a can of Raid.

When it comes to his two dogs, Bob Lile has a strict policy about flea and tick treatments... He refuses to use them. "They're poison. There's a reason they kill the fleas and ticks. They're poison and cannot be good for your dogs."

The EPA is investigating to find out if folks like Bob are on to something... This comes after 44,000 dogs and cats reacted adversely to flea and tick medicine...that's twice as many as in years past. Reactions range from rashes to seizures... And sometimes even worse.

The EPA is investigating pyrethrins and pyrethroids... Which basically means you should watch out for any of these ingredients on the medicine label.











Also... Be sure to pay close attention to your pet after giving them any type of medicine for the first time. Watch them, watch for strange reactions.

Noah's Ark Pet Hospital Veterinarian Merten Peterson says, "Pay attention to them. Watch them. Don't just give it to them and let them loose."

As for why last years incident reports are so much higher than in years past, the EPA says it could be because people are attempting to cut corners in this tight economy... Even if that means giving dog meds to a cat, or mis-using doses.

Just to be clear... The EPA is not officially linking these medicines to any of the incidents, but they are actively investigating the claims.