Hedley Hopes for New Jaws-of-Life

In order to update their current equipment and save more lives, the town of Hedley is working on getting its volunteer fire department a new jaws-of-life.

The town came together at a pot-luck dinner and got a preview of what the new equipment could do, as you can see right here.

The town pitched in nearly 25 hundred dollars last night.

But the new jaws-of-life would cost about 10 times that, so now the town is hoping to get some grant money.

Here's more from the folks in Hedly:

May 1, 2009 the Community of Hedley held an Appreciation "Pot Luck" Dinner for the Hedley Fire Department hoping to raise funds for a new Jaws of Life.  The one we now have is over 25 years old and it takes 2-3 men to handle it.

The new equipment can be handled by just one person.  We have no idea what the summer will bring up and down Highway 287, especially in small rural areas.  We have fantastic response from Clarendon and Memphis, but it might take them 20-30 minutes.  As many wrecks and train wrecks we have in our area that 20-30 minute response time might mean some one's life.

Our dinner turned out great.  We fed about 50-60 people and raised about $2,500.00 which is a very good start.

This equipment is very expensive.  We had Mr. Kurt Ecker from Advanced Rescue Systems out of Amarillo to demonstrate the equipment on an old car that Neil Koetting donated.  All of us really enjoyed watching how the Jaws of Life worked.  Mr. Ecker also works with Grants so we are hoping to get a Grant to help us get new equipment.

We want to thank Amarillo Fire Chief, Mark Lucas, and Assistant Chief, James Amerson, for giving us a lot of good information and getting us in contact with Kurt Ecker.

We want everyone to know that we need donations to help with the Jaws of Life and you can send them to Hedley Fire Department, %Randy Shaw, PO Box 185, Hedley, Texas  79237.

Our volunteer Fire Department only has 9 men; Leon Ward is the Chief and Randy Shaw is Assistant Chief along with City Manager.  Others are Blaine Burton, Roger Hager, Neil Koetting, Seth Koetting, Justin Alexander, Lon Adams and Cody Fredric.  We are very proud of our Firemen, but we do need additional volunteers.