Hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps fly off local shelves

Amarillo residents are preparing for the impact of the H1N1 flu, and that is leaving some store shelves empty.

Experts say there are ways to help combat the H1-N1 flu.

They suggest washing hands and sneezing into your arm.

But residents of Amarillo are flocking to local stores to stock up on products to keep them healthy.

"They are also coming in and picking a lot of antibacterial products up like sana wipes, [and]hand sanitizer; things of that natural that just kind of helps get the germ level down," said United Supermarkets Assistant Store Manager Randy Gray.

Stores like United Supermarkets are having trouble keeping products like these on the shelves.

They have already requested more shipments of the instant hand sanitizer, but were told it's a problem across the region.

Their suppliers said the company would have to ration their supplies since this was unexpected and warehouse supplies are limited.