Local stores not seeing a drop in pork purchases

Changing the name of the virus from "swine flu" to H1N1 influenza A may help alleviate the confusion some may have about how the flu is transmitted.

The Texas Animal Health Commission says "there is no evidence that the new strain of H1N1 influenza is in domestic... hogs.  This disease is being spread from person to person."

Calling the virus "swine flu" confused some consumers about the safety of pork products, but United Supermarkets has not noticed a drop in the sales of pork.  Walmart says there's no way to be sure.

Local butcher Melvin Edes of Edes Custom Meats also hasn't noticed a drop in sales of pork, but has received a number of calls asking about the safety of eating pork.  He emphasized the fact that eating pork does not cause the flu.

The Texas Animal Health Commission also emphasizes that "there is no evidence that wild hogs are involved in this flu outbreak."

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