Districts Cancel Student, Staff Travel

Amarillo District Superintendent Dr. Rod Schroder
Amarillo District Superintendent Dr. Rod Schroder

If you work or go to school in the Amarillo Independent School District, your scheduled trips around areas of Texas and other states have been canceled.

This affects all non-essential travel to areas where H1N1 cases are confirmed. That means student or staff trips down state to Dallas, for example, will not be happening.

Amarillo District Superintendent Dr. Rod Schroder says so far, the announcement impacts just one trip, saying "we had a group going to San Antonio, we've canceled that trip. We're going to take this slowly, we're getting briefings every day at 11 and 3."

Trips to other areas where cases have not been reported, like Colorado Springs, for example, are still a go. But any student or staff member with a fever will not be allowed to get on a bus and go on a trip. Right now there is no way to tell how long the cancellations will last.

Also, district spokeswoman Holly Shelton says as far as the district knows right now, those three suspect cases we first told you about last night are not in the Amarillo district.

The Canyon district has canceled all staff and student trips out of Potter and Randall Counties.

Highland Park has canceled trips to known infected areas; River Road has done the same.

Cancellations change frequently with the changing flu situation.