AISD Travel Statement from Superintendent Rod Schroder:

AISD Travel Statement from Superintendent Rod Schroder:

In response to the current Swine Flu outbreak, Amarillo ISD is cancelling student and staff travel to known infected areas within our country. At this time, all school-sponsored activities that require travel to a known infected area are suspended. This includes all non-essential travel for staff development or other employee business-related trips.

The district is implementing these guidelines for school travel to non-restricted areas:

  • No students or staff with a fever will be allowed to take a school trip
  • District will follow CDC guidelines for prevention-

We regret the inconvenience and disappointment this travel restriction to known infected areas will cause some of our students, staff and sponsors, but AISD must be prudent to try and protect our students and employees.

This action is precautionary because at this time AISD has not been notified by the local Health Authority of any confirmed Swine Flu cases or probable Swine Flu cases of school age children or school staff at any of our campuses. This is a constantly evolving situation, so AISD is in close communication with health officials to stay informed of the latest facts as well as the best-known practices to prevent the spread of the virus.

AISD will reevaluate this travel decision daily based on the latest information.