UIL Academic Contests Canceled For Swine Flu

UIL athletes are not the only students affected by Governor Perry's cancellation announcement Wednesday.

Band, choir, speech and debate, technology, you name it...all of them fall under the UIL umbrella.

We spoke with several area school districts to find out which students will not get to advance to their competitions.

Two dozen students at Highland Park High School will not go on a trip next week that they have been looking forward to all year.

Superintendent Bill Mayfield sasy, "we have some students who compete, 24 of them I think, to go to Waco and so we had to cancel that. Other than that, some of the counselors were going to Austin for the weekend and we've put that on hold."

We spoke with students who were supposed to go on that trip to Waco and they say they feel their whole year was wasted.

As for the Amarillo district, its spokeswoman says they have no events that were affected but since it is such a big district, she is still checking.

There is a big Solo and Ensemble Competition at the end of may that could be canceled if the swine flu situation intensifies.