Governor Perry: "I'm Issuing a Disaster Declaration"

Amarillo, Texas

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Texas Governor Perry issued a disaster declaration on Wednesday, covering the entire state of Texas. This comes after the first US swine flu death happens in Houston.

As of 5:30PM on Wednesday afternoon, there are still no confirmed cases in the Texas Panhandle, but swine flu cases continue to spread quickly across the state. There are now 16 confirmed cases in Texas... One of those people was a 22 month old boy, who died in Houston after traveling from Mexico to visit family in Texas.

That tragedy, coupled with the World Health Organization's announcement that the virus shows no signs of slowing down, prompted Governor Perry to take action today. "Obviously the virus has not been detected in every county, but this step will move Texas into a higher state of alert and release resources to address the spread of the virus."

Those additional resources include an extra 850,000 anti-viral treatments... That's on top of the 840,000 that are already on hand.

As of 5:30 on Wednesday afternoon, there are at least 93 confirmed cases in the US. Swine flu has already killed close to 160 people in Mexico and sickened more than 2400 there as well.

The World Health Organization just raised the alert to level five... Signaling they believe a worldwide outbreak is imminent.

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