Goodwill of Amarillo ceases all operation

Jose Mejia, Goodwill Board Member
Jose Mejia, Goodwill Board Member

Goodwill Industries of Amarillo and Canyon have ceased all operations Tuesday.

Today was the first day Goodwill Industries of Amarillo has closed it's doors, but the donations continue to pour in.

Goodwill is making the move to restructure after losing vital allocated funds.

"[We've] reached a point where the organization could not financially sustain the day to day operations," said Goodwill Board Member Jose Mejia.

As NewsChannel 10 reported last month, United Way announced that Goodwill was unable to prove they deserved the funds this year.

While Goodwill is closed, the organization plans to review the budget and partner with United Way to find a way to get additional relief funding.

"This restructuring is an effort to make community and Goodwill financially viable to eventually resume the high level of service the Amarillo community deserves," said Mejia.

Volunteers at the United Way will have the option to review the Goodwill internal audit and decide if allocated funds will be given.

"Whenever a situation changes, the volunteers would be happy to relook at that situation and see if there is some other things we can do to work together and get things up and going again," said Frankie Francel.

Employees were notified of the store closings by notes posted at each Goodwill location.

They estimate about 60 employees are now without jobs.

Goodwill board members were unable to tell us how long they thought the restructuring would take place.

United Way asks that anyone with donations bring them to the Salvation Army.