Suspicious Death Could Become A Homicide Case

A painstakingly detailed autopsy in Lubbock has local investigators playing the waiting game.

And depending on those results, Amarillo could have another homicide.

Wrapped up and buried in debris, that's how Sherrie Mondragon was found this weekend.

And while the Special Crimes Unit has questions of their own, they're hoping answers start to come with the autopsy results.

It was January 25th the last time Mondragon was seen.

Her body was discovered in this garage early Saturday morning by a man sifting through rubbish.

"We know she didn't wrap herself in that. We know she didn't put herself there, somebody did that," said Lt. Gary Trupe with the Potter Randall Special Crimes Unit.

Authorities aren't calling this a homicide yet, but the autopsy may reveal what many are assuming.

"She was wrapped we did not unwrap her, we took her as is to the autopsy, so we were not able to visably see if there were wounds on the body," said Lt. Trupe.

Crime Scene Investigator's are taking the wrapping, off piece by piece looking for trace and evidence that could solve this case.

"We're hopeful at some time today after the autopsy is completed that we have some direction where to go,"

Several people have been questioned, including the man who found the body, and a man who had a trespassing warning against him from the apartment complex Mondragon used to live in.

"We have talked to that person, matter of fact, we've talked to him in the last day. He has been cooperative with us," said Lt. Trupe.

Police hope now that Mondragon's body has been found, someone can come forward with more information.