Potter county wants state to pay for tank move

The Potter County Commission Monday voted 4-1 to ask the Texas Historical Commission for funding to move the M-60 A-1 tank from the courthouse grounds.

The Texas Historical Commission is paying $5,000,000  for renovations to the Potter County Courthouse, but they don't want the tank parked there.  They've asked the county to move it.

The tank was given to the county in 1993 as a monument to veterans.

The Historical Commission reasons that the tank was not part of the original courthouse, which is what they're preserving.

Potter County Judge Arthur Ware says a move could damage the tank and would be cost prohibitive at any time, but especially now in the troubled economy.

Ware says if the Historical Commission wants the tank moved, they should pay for it with some of the money they've already promised for the courthouse renovation.