Ginger Nelson

Ginger Nelson

Ginger Nelson

Running for: Mayor of Amarillo

How she voted in the November 2016 city bond election: Yes for all 7 bonds

What are your major campaign points and how do you plan to make them happen?

I have six planks in my platform and they are growing the economy and bringing new jobs to Amarillo, increasing the safety of our neighborhoods so that every neighborhood across the city is a safe neighborhood. Working on our streets and our roads including our curb appeal as you drive through I-40 I want it to be beautiful and reflect what a beautiful community that we are. Increasing communication as well as participation with citizens, also improving our customer service at city hall, and of course remaining fiscally responsible, that's very important.

Do you think the city should continue to issue bonds to fund future projects, or just use money allocated in the annual budget?

I think the most important thing we need to do is maintain our AAA bond rating because that saves us money in the long run and it keeps us fiscally responsible. So I think the first step before we think about issuing anymore bonds, and certainly before we think about raising taxes, which I don't want to do, nobody wants to do, we've got to look hard at our budget. We've got to determine if there are any areas we need to cut, is there waste in there that we can re-prioritize? I think going to a zero based budgeting process so that we start at zero every year makes us re-prioritize what our spending is for that year and gives the public a chance to give input on what our priorities should be for that particular year.

Do you think the city should have a role in economic development, or should that task fall solely on the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation?

The city definitely has a role in it because the city is the main force of organizing us as taxpayers. They are our main recruiting force, whether it's through the Visitor's Council or it's through our city government going out as an ambassador across the state and the nation. They are our best foot forward. Absolutely we've got to be involved on a large scale for promoting our community as well as recruiting people to come here, visit, look at the benefits that we have and consider locating their jobs here and bringing their businesses here. It's very important.

What letter grade would you give to the current city council and why?

I would feel most comfortable grading their citizenship, and I would give them a "D." I think they've struggled at getting along and I think they've been tackling each other instead of tackling issues. And I think it's cost us as a city in being able to move forward and progress and get some positive things done so I would like to see that change.

What do you think you would bring to the city council that's not there right now?

A tone of respect and civility. I think just professionally being a lawyer and having to work with people in emotional situations where there's conflict, but yet at the end of the day know that I've done that respectfully and professionally. I think bringing that tone brings a stability to our government that we haven't had. I think that gives city staff direction. And I think it gives citizens a feeling of safety that they can come in, share their ideas even if people are going to disagree with them, they feel respected. And they know that there is an arena of civility that they can come and bring their ideas, even their disagreements.

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