Missing Woman's Body Found In Amarillo Garage

The body of a woman missing in January was found Saturday morning in the garage of a vacant house at 1300 N. Spring St.

Police say 55-year-old Sherry Ann Mondragon's body was found just before 8 a.m. by a man who was looking for junk items he could sell.  He reportedly met with officers at a fire station where he told them what he had found.

Mondragon's body was apparently wrapped up and hidden under several items.  They were able to get a fingerprint and identify her.  Police say they have no idea what caused her death.  An autopsy has been ordered by Justice of the Peace Thomas Jones.

Mondragon was reported missing on January 25 from her apartment at 4700 S. Virginia.

Any information on her disappearance and/or death can be given to police at 378-9468 or 374-4400.