FDA Makes Plan B Available To 17-Year-Olds

Without your consent and without a prescription, your 17 year old daughter can now buy emergency contraception.

The FDA signed off on the measure today, complying with a federal judge's order, which allows girls 17 years old and up to buy Plan B Emergency Contraception, without a doctor's note.

When taken, it does one of three things: it keeps an egg from being released, prevents fertilization if it is released, or it blocks implantation if fertilized.

Target Staff Pharmacist Cal Barakat says, "we sell a few...it costs about $44."

One local doctor says the FDA'smeasure keeps parents out of the equation.

Dr. Brian Eades, an OB/GYN, says "these are kids where there ought to be a conversation going on with the school nurse, planned parenthood, a doctor, to understand the pros and cons of what's going on and when people need to be talking about birth control and 'how do I protect myself from STDs', it short circuits all that."

Dr. Eades says he fully understands a woman's right to buy the pill after unprotected sex, but when dealing with teenagers, it is a whole different ballgame.

He says,"it's a huge difference when you're talking about young ladies that are 18 years and below, because they don't understand the ramifications of sexual activity, STDs. They need to be involved in a conversation with families."

The federal judge who made the ruling also ordered the FDA to evaluate whether to lift all age restrictions off the pill.

Supporters of this measure say Plan B is safe and effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, and argue it could even reduce the number of abortions.