Budgeting Your Health

More people are eating their meals at home as this financial crisis forces them to cut back on their spending.

But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice nutrition for cost.

If buying on a budget seems like a challenge, don't worry.

Local supermarkets offer you an opportunity to find all the fixings for a healthy meal that won't break the bank.

One local shopper says shopping sale items is the only way to go.

Callie Roberts says, she starts in the reduced meat section first because of the mark downs.  Then she goes to find fresh produce, grains and nuts.

Callie is just one of many shoppers taking advantage of meal deals offered at local supermarkets.

Market Street United's Dish Manager Melina Pennington says one way to shop healthy on a budget is to take advantage of the fresh foods offered along a store's perimeter.

She also suggests a pamphlet for families that comes out once a month with a detailed list of meals all under 15 dollars.

These tips allow cash-strapped shoppers a chance not to worry about their health as they struggle to make ends meet under the pressure of today's failing economy.

It is also the type of plan that helps Callie stay above the challenges that come with shopping on a budget .

She says, "I used to plan my menu and then shop. Now I see what's on sale first and plan my menu around that."

It's exactly this kind of shopping that allows Callie to combine healthy eating and affordability so that her bottom line never has to affect her waistline.