Prescription Drugs Without a Prescription

It's being called a local problem that was swept under the rug, until now.

Purchasing prescription drugs online without a prescription is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for Amarillo residents to abuse drugs.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency has a new plan to stop that from happening. It's called the Ryan Haight Act, named for the teen who died after overdosing on prescription painkillers he bought online.

Thousands of cases like Ryan's across the nation are prompting the DEA to say enough is enough.

Oxycodone, Valium,  Xanex- All being bought online by local residents whose doctors don't know they're taking them.

Amarillo Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse's Triste Shaw says, "It's so easy to go online and not even have a prescription."

How easy? NewsChannel 10 wanted to find out. In five minutes we were able to get our hands on $300 worth of Oxycodone and $200 worth of Valium and get this-we had the option to double our Valium order for free.

The DEA is starting to crack down on these web sites mandating that you have a face to face doctor consultation before ordering psychoactive drugs.

Shaw says, "I think it's a step in the right direction. I just hope we see a little more positive working towards getting the prescription problem solved, tougher consequences on people who get caught and a broader understanding of what prescriptions do to someone's body."

A lesson one local mother found out the hard way. PRIDE Counselor Jim Cameron says, "We had a phone call the other day from someone who wanted to know if their son was in trouble because their son hadn't woken up in three days. Took some pills."

Other new DEA regulations include online pharmacy registries and prescription inventory requirements.