Dead Polo Horses

WELLINGTON, Fla. (AP) _ Veterinarians say the sudden deaths of 21 polo horses at a Florida tournament yesterday may have been caused by a toxin in the feed, vitamins or supplements they were given.

The horses became sick before play started. Some collapsed and died on the scene, while others died while being treated or transported. A vet from the Palm Beach Equine Clinic who treated one of the sick horses says it appears the animals died of heart failure caused by a toxic reaction. Another veterinarian who was at the scene tells NBC's "Today Show'' that it's clear "there's some sort of a poison'' involved.

All of the horses that fell sick died. It could take weeks to get the results of toxicology tests. The horses were all part of a team owned by a Venezuelan businessman. The president of the International Polo Club Palm Beach says doctors have ruled out any sort of airborne infection, and adds that none of the other teams were affected. He calls it "heartbreaking to see that many horses to get sick all at once.''