New Charges For Double Homicide Suspect

The man suspected of killing two people in Amarillo now faces three charges for the crime.

And they are all first degree felonies.

Capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon have been added to the murder charge that Wilbert Banks already faces.

The Potter-Randall Special Crimes Unit tells NewsChannel 10 the capital murder charge has been filed because he is believed to have shot more than one person and/or because he allegedly burglarized the house at 3010 Westhaven and fatally shot Stephanie Beard and Daniel Brittain.

Banks also faces the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because he is suspected of pointing a gun at his ex-girlfriend, Natasha Coils.

Coils was not shot, and is believed to have been living at the house with beard.

Banks was later caught by police after an anonymous tip.

An autopsy for both victims is being performed right now in Lubbock, and the Special Crimes Unit expects preliminary results either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Banks is still being held in the Potter County Detention Center on two combined bonds of over one million dollars.