DHS Report Outrages Local Vets, Pro-Lifers, Conservatives

Controversy is brewing over a government report alleging those with conservative viewpoints are moving dangerously into right wing extremist territory.

The Department of Homeland Security's report states that while there is no specific information that domestic terrorists are planning any violent acts, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano says extremists may be gaining ground.

The report singles out returning war veterans as targets for extremist recruiters.  Veterans we spoke with say that gives our soldiers too little credit.

Kevyn Branham says, "veterans that come back from a combat zone are generally more inclined to steer away from any involvement that's on the extreme because they want to calm down."

It also mentions pro-life viewpoints as having the potential to fall under the violent extremist umbrella.

Candy Gibbs, Executive Director of CareNet Pregnancy Centers says, "we spend our lives defending those rights of people who can't defend themselves, so to assume that we would go to the length of being violent or initiating militias or standing up against government in a radical way is beyond the realm of reality."

The report also focuses on gun rights, saying "a proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans likely would attract new members into, planning and training for violence against the government."

A local Republican party leader says this report is nothing but an assault on conservative free thought.

Potter County Republican Party Chairman Tom Roller says, "it would appear to me that because you oppose or disagree, which has always been what America's all about, and do it peaceably, they call that extremism."

Senators from New Mexico and Oklahoma, among others, have sent a letter asking the DHS to not unfairly target millions of Americans because of their beliefs.

The DHS also released a report in January about left wing extremism, but that report focused more on cyber attacks than violence.

To read the report on right wing extremism, click here: