StormTrack 10 Severe Weather Coverage: You Can Get Involved!

When severe weather is on the horizon, you can now stay more up to date than ever before. NewsChannel 10 has brand new StormTrack 10 technology. This year, we're taking our StormTrack 10 technology up a notch or two... And making it easier than ever for you to get involved.

For many years, you've seen the photos and heard the reports from the field.... And now, you can feel like you're right there in the driver's seat of our storm chase vans. It's all through our new live chase video.

When it's available, you can find a link to it on our homepage. Click on the link and if you see a black screen, that means the video is temporarily unavailable. If it is available, a live video stream will come up in a few minutes.

This live video It not only looks cool, but "Doppler" Dave Oliver says the it will keep your family safe as well. "If we're on and we issue a tornado warning and we throw up a live shot of a tornado churning across the country, heading towards town I think people are going to heed that notice a little better."

The second new technology we're unveiling is NewsChannel 10 Twitter... You can share updates and e-pics... Right alongside our storm chasers. "Shotgun" Shel Winkley says, "When I Twitter it goes to the weather homepage, and my personal weather blog. Dave can see it also and as soon as he gets that report from me he can go on air with it immediately."

As always... Sign up for Thunder Call by logging onto You'll get a phone call from "Doppler" Dave letting you know a storm is headed your way. You will see a link to it on the homepage.