Bowie 7th Graders Reach for the Stars

Math and science can sometimes be overwhelming for 7th graders. A local group made it fun today at bowie middle school.

7th graders got a chance to see new concepts and hands on activities with special solar telescopes.

A grant from the Texas Regional Collaborative for Excellence in Science Teaching made it possible for 375 Bowie Middle School students to see the astronomy in a different way on Wednesday.

Teacher Laura Abernathy says that"With the program that we have we don"t get into detail . We have gotten to see some really interesting and real eye opening things , especially looking at special aspects, they like to think they are the only ones out there in the solar system".T

wo local astronomers brought out different telescopes to have hands on activities including safe viewing of the sun surface. The kids also learned how stars look hot and cold.

The outreach will be happening thru Friday.