The Dumas Water Park is Coming Soon

Dumas Mayor Mike Milligan
Dumas Mayor Mike Milligan

The city of Dumas broke ground on the new Water Park a few months ago.

The 3 million dollar facility met controversy originally because 400 people signed a petition not wanting their tax's to go to that project.

The final vote was in favor of the pool last may.

As of Tuesday, the pool is going as planned.

The city has two different contractors on the project and hopes that it will be ready early in the summer months.

Dumas has a new intermediate school being built along with a highway Overpass.

Dumas Mayor Mike Milligan says its a positive place. "Dumas is a very positive place in fact we've not had the economic down turn of sales tax. Ours went up as a matter of fact last months was 20% up".

The water park has several pools and water slides for all ages.