AISD Cell Phone Policy Catching Some Repeat Offenders

Dr. Lynn Pulliam,Tascosa High School Principal
Dr. Lynn Pulliam,Tascosa High School Principal
Kevin Phillips, Palo Duro Principal
Kevin Phillips, Palo Duro Principal

A strict policy that actually charges students money for breaking the rules is working within some parts of the Amarillo Independent School District.

A flier is available in all offices on middle school and high school campus across Amarillo.

And quite simply says, prohibited use at school will cost you.

Officials we spoke with today say, it works.

Lunch time at Tascosa High is a busy one for student's and their cell phones.

Because eight months ago the policy was put in place to charge kids for using phones during class.

And the principal says students have followed the rules.

"We still take up phones, don't get me wrong, but we just don't take up as many as I had expected with as many students," said Dr. Lynn Pulliam the Tascosa High School Principal.

With 22 hundred students, Tascosa officials say they only take a few phone per day, and don't have a problem with repeat offenders.

Palo Duro High School, however, has seen some students continue to use their phones.

"We do have repeat offenders and we have repeat offenders where we've kept their phone and they have not gotten it back," said Kevin Phillips, the Palo Duro Principal.

In fact Phillips says some kids just go buy new phones.

Both principals say parents were weary in the beginning, but now see the importance of having uninterrupted instruction during the day.

"Occasionally we have parents that are concerned about that, but for the most part parents are very supportive," said Phillips.

"And also, I think it goes to show, parents send their kids to school to get an education," said Dr. Pulliam.

The money from these fines goes into the school's security fund.

And Palo Duro says they will be able to buy new security cameras, among other things, because of this new policy.