Amarillo Mayor Looks to Improve Dangerous Intersection

Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt
Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt

For years Mayor Debra McCartt has had an idea of how to fix the railroad crossing in East Amarillo.

But now it's getting closer than ever to improve not only the city, but the quality of life for citizens.

For years cars have been stopped by these crossing guards causing problems for anyone traveling on grand street.

"For many reasons this intersection is important for our community. It could help build up our economy as well as a safety issue as well as a quality of life issue," said Mayor McCartt who says this part of the city is zoned for heavy industrial use, so without the train tracks, the city would be able to bring in sustainable companies.

And the Amarillo Fire Department, which has a station just a few blocks away on Grand, has to routinely alter it's emergency response route because of these tracks.

"The ideal situation would be to have the tracks moved to the north because there are already some existing tracks there and they could meet under an existing bridge," said McCartt.

A study by the city shows the cheapest option would be to re-direct trains onto the trackS under Grand street.

Now the mayor just needs help to fund the project.

"I'm not there to ask for a handout, we really want to partner with whom ever will work with us," said McCartt. "We're expecting some good results from this I really feel like we're on a path that's going to get this resolved."

Mayor McCartt plans to meet with area legislators, TXDOT commissioners and representatives from the railroad on Friday to discuss this issue.