Free Prescription Card Could Save You Big!

Prescription costs are on the rise, but you could be savings hundreds at the pharmacy counter every year. All with the click of a mouse.

A new prescription discount card is available online. It's called the Coast2Coast discount card. It will give you a large dose of discounts, and it doesn't cost a dime. Prescription drug costs are on the rise. And that's often a hard pill to swallow. "It was $76. I can't afford that...$200 for on prescription medication is unacceptable... It was $119 and I was like whoa." To possibly eliminate that kind of sticker shock... Head on over to

Target Pharmacist Lesley Brown says, "I can't really think of a downside from the patient's perspective." The card claims to save patients as much as 65%  on their prescriptions, with the average savings coming in at around 35%. Brown says, "A lot of generic medications they might not save a lot because a lot of the generic drugs are inexpensive as they are. On some brand medications though, the savings can be substantial." And signing up for the savings takes no time at all. I logged on, typed in my personal information and just about three minutes later, my discount prescription card was waiting in printer tray....ready to use at the pharmacy counter.

As for how much this card could actually save you.... We did the math. You could save $28  on a 30 day supply of Crestor, a popular cholesterol drug. Pay $24 less for Allegra or about $20 less for Lipitor. If you're waiting for the catch... There isn't one. The company works with both insurance and pharmaceutical companies to save you money. When it comes to lowering your pharmacy bill... You cannot apply your insurance deduction and the Coast2Coast deduction at the same time... It has to be one or the other.