Cadillac Ranch creator plans a Monet replica

Monet's Water Lilies Pond
Monet's Water Lilies Pond

AMARILLO, Texas (AP) - Millionaire prankster and artist Stanley Marsh 3 is back at it.

The 71-year-old's newest creation is unlike most of his others, including his 35-year-old Cadillac Ranch.

This one will be peaceful and verdant - and less noticeable, which is how he likes it.

This time the art lover, philanthrope and, some say, eccentric is building a replica of Claude Monet's water lilies pond - a very big one. It'll grace the backyard of Toad Hall, his 300-acre spread in the Panhandle city of Amarillo.

Marsh says, "Art should be hidden and I believe people should see it by surprise."

He adds that a masterpiece above a supermarket produce section evokes a more authentic response than a well-publicized museum exhibit.

That was his intent in 1974 when he commissioned Cadillac Ranch. Ten vintage Cadillacs, ranging from a 1948 club coupe to a 1963 sedan, were gathered from junkyards, private collectors and used car lots. Each is buried nose first at a 45-degree angle and have since become a pop art landmark.