Accused Texas employees had limited experience

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A review of personnel records reveals all 11 former Corpus Christi State School employees accused of encouraging fights among mentally and developmentally disabled residents at the troubled school had little work experience beyond fast-food jobs.

The employees have either left the Corpus Christi State School or have been fired over the orchestrated fights, which were recorded on a cell phone camera on 16 days between late 2007 and early this year.

6 of the employees face criminal charges over the mistreatment, which involved at least 16 state school residents.

The Dallas Morning News reports 2 of the employees had already faced disciplinary action from the Department of Aging and Disability Services.

One failed to report a fight that resulted in an injury; the other was found to have verbally abused a resident.

Another had been suspended from a private care facility for pushing a resident into excessive horseplay, resulting in a state investigation.

Spokeswoman Laura Albrecht says obviously the former employees did not understand the job, which is why they're no longer employed with the state of Texas.