Wheeler Fire 75% contained, Residents Move On

The power is back on to all customers in Wheeler now, but that's just one part of a town still trying to clean up after a massive fire over the weekend.

You couldn't see smoke, but the smell of burning still lingers in the air.

Several of the residents we spoke with today said they don't mind the smell, as long as they still have a home.

"Oh you know it just looked like the world was on fire. the wind was blowing so hard,"said Mark Tucker, whose home partially caught on fire.

The front yard was already scorched and extinguished when he arrived at his house around one Saturday afternoon.

But his backyard was on fire and he spent nearly five hours saving his home, and memories with a garden hose.

"The pictures in the house that are irreplaceable and I didn't feel like I was in that much danger if something were to happen to me," said Tucker. "It was just about saving the house. Because my neighbors house is so close that it would have been a domino effect down the block."

Several homes on his street were damaged but none of them lost. Tucker says neighbors feels like they escaped.

"They're all greatly appreciative to everyone whose around, that's helped, just feel blessed that no more damage occurred," said Tucker.

While damage can be seen on the west side of town, the fire destroyed eight homes in the county and charred over 15 thousand acres.

But fire crews say they did all they could to save as many homes as possible.

Everyone has been doing what they can to pitch in.

The Easter Texas panhandle chapter of the American red cross has spent 12 thousand dollars helping people with fire damaged homes in wheeler county.