Recession Proof Libraries

Donna LittleJohn, Library Director
Donna LittleJohn, Library Director
Arthur Gibson, library patron
Arthur Gibson, library patron

Tough times often force people to pound the pavement in search of work.

But, in today's digital age , the unemployed can find more opportunities as they travel down the information super highway.

A lot of those opportunities can be found at Amarillo libraries.

They offer several free services that prove to be the key in weathering this economic.

Library Director Donna LittleJohn says she sees people coming into the downtown library all the time to use the free resources.

At the library people can do research on various companies to find out who is hiring despite the recession.

People can also apply for the job online as many employers now require people to fill out an online application.

The library also allows you to look up medical information.

LittleJohn says a lot of doctors are referring their patients to the library for medical research because Amarillo is a medical center for our region.

But the library offers more than just medical information and job searches.

It has a system of databases that gives people access to information like never before.

From an auto repair service to a photo archive the library offers the people to access any and everything.

One library patron, Arthur Gibson, says he comes to the library to look up a variety of things from parts for his car to new government benefits.

And the offers you more than just business resources in times of stress and struggle.

It also offers endless amounts of books and movies to ease the mind from global worries.