Legislators Say They're Working Hard, Despite No New Laws

Phones have been ringing at the offices of local legislators with constituents asking..."why haven't any bills been sent to the governor?"

And while there have been many important bills introduced. Water rights, eminent domain, teen driving changes, but so far nothing has been sent out of the capital.

But while it may seem like no work is being done, local legislators say the flow of new laws is coming.

The 81st Texas Legislature has been working since January 13th and many citizens are still waiting for new laws.

"The pace of work is some how less important because we're there for 140 days. If you come to the capital you'll see people, both staff and members working very hard and there's a number of committees working well into the night," said State Senator Kel Seliger (R-District 31).

"We're moving a little slower than normal and in a lot of ways that's good. Because a lot of bad legislation is going to die as a result of thi," said Representative John Smithee (R-Amarillo).

There's been a record number of bills introduced, and local law makers say it helps to have lively debate to make sure if the laws are good for all Texans.

"Many of these issues have had to be worked out before they hit the floor than normally would be expected," said Rep. Smithee.

"It takes as long to defeat a bad bill as it does to pass a good bill," said Senator Seliger. "By the time June gets here we're going to pass for more laws than the people of the state of Texas need."

The senate passed the state budget, which Senator Seliger is heavily involved with, this week.

But the issues is still several weeks away from making it out of the house.

While the progress has been slow, Senator Seliger told me today Governor Perry will have writers cramp before the session is over.