Area School District Seeks Student Transfers

River Road ISD is growing, but not as fast as other school districts in our area.

"It's hard to fund a Pre-Cal or Calculus class with only 7 students," said Randy Owen, River Road ISD Superintendent.

So the school district put up two billboards in Amarillo to hopefully attract more transfer students.

"We take [transfers] in a way to balance our classes," Owen said.

Across the state, transfers are becoming a more common occurrence.

"We have seen more school districts who are opening up and who are encouraging students from other areas to transfer into their district," said Suzanne Marchman, Texas Education Agency spokesperson.

"So it's our job to make sure as people come to town to work at wherever, that they know they have a choice," Owen added.

But this choice can leave parents with many questions. So you should know that each school district has the right to establish its own transfer policies.

At River Road, students must go through a screening process before they can be accepted.

"They certainly can't discriminate," Marchman noted. "However, they certainly can look to a students school record. There's no law that requires them to accept every student that asks for a transfer."

In addition, there is no law that prohibits schools from advertising in neighboring school districts.

"And so if we are going to get the word out, we decided that we are going to be the one that goes to the forefront and start pricking the mind and say 'hey, maybe we ought to look out there,'"Owen said. Extra: Your Questions Answered

  • Do I have to pay tuition to send my child to another school district?
  • Some school districts charge out of district tuition for students who reside outside of the district. Check with that school district's transfer policies, as they vary across the state.
  • Will the school bus pick up my child from my home?
  • Some school districts do not offer transportation to areas outside their district boundaries. River Road ISD Superintendent tells NewsChannel 10 that the school district may consider budgeting extra buses, if their transfer enrollment increases significantly.
  • Are my property taxes funding River Road's billboards?
  • If you live inside River Road district boundaries, a portion of your tax dollars help fund the school district's advertisement. Superintendent Owen says this contribution from their taxpayers is "a worthwhile investment."
  • Will my child's records transfer over?
  • Yes. But follow up with both school districts to make sure your child gets credit for the classes he/she has completed.